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Metropolia Business Solutions is your reliable partner in education export and international trade.

We operate internationally in education export mainly in the fields of Health Care and Social Services, and Technology, including Business and Culture.

Find creative opportunities with us

Customized Education and Training
We organize tailor-made continuing education according to customer’s needs.

Consultation Services
We offer consultation services to both public and private sectors to
improve e.g. their infrastructure, human resource development, management
and leadership.

Offering Degree Programmes
We provide Undergraduate and Master’s Degree Programmes.

RDI Services
We work collaboratively to develop practical solutions, innovations,
new ways of working and alternative, inspiring operating models.

Why Metropolia Business Solutions?

  • Custom-designed concepts co-created through inter-professional collaboration
  • Comprehensive solutions for organizations of all sizes
  • Emphasis on situated learning and its outcomes
  • Certified experts with a proven academic and clinical record as educators
  • State-of-art facilities for education and product & service design
  • Evidence-based foundation for Metropolia Business Solutions activities

References: Cooperation between Metropolia Business Solutions and Bahraini Princess Noora Bint Khalifa Al Khalifa

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Ms Katri Luukka, PhD, MBA
Metropolia Business Solutions, Director
katri.luukka (at)
+358 40 573 6728

Ms Aija Ahokas, RN, MEd
Metropolia Business Solutions, Manager of Education Export
aija.ahokas (at)
+358 50 401 3503

Ms Marianne Pitkäjärvi, RN, PhD
Metropolia Business Solutions, Manager of Education Export
marianne.pitkajarvi (at)
+358 50 362 4306