Automation Engineering

Automation is nowadays essential in all industry. It is utilised in  monitoring  and controlling industrial processes, energy management and  process lines. In  addition to industry, automation is also used in many  everyday applications.  Expertise fields of automation technology  include different measurements,  control technologies, and modern  systems such as programmable controllers,  PC-control rooms and  distributable automation systems.

Automation engineers design and implement the automation of industrial processes, production equipment and products. They are also in charge of the operation and maintenance of computer based data collection, PC control room systems and automation systems. Automation engineers are employed, in addition to industry, also in design and software companies, in import companies and in research institutions. Duties vary from product development to design, programming, technical purchase and sales and training related expert and supervisory duties. Other expertise fields of an automation engineer are computer technology, extensive software know-how as well as economics and quality know-how. Automation degree programme offers

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Head of Degree Programme 
Raisa Vartia
tel. +358 40 180 1101

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Hanna Järvinen
tel. +358 40 543 2795

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