Textile Conservation

A textile conservator is a specialist in textile materials who works with a variety of textiles including rugs, costumes, ecclesiastical textiles, banners, lace, ethnographic textiles etc. Manual dexterity is combined with aesthetic appreciation of a textile artifact. Studies cover the theory and practice of interventive conservation techniques that are used in the preservation of textiles. Soil removal techniques and stabilization methods are included together with textile history and textile dyeing processes.

The Degree includes various conservation projects that vary according to customers' needs. During the spring of 2006, the students carried out a demanding project in cooperation with the Ostrobothnian Museum in Vaasa. The project included conservation of four wedding dresses dating back to the 1850’s – 60’s, and the conservation of a French silk brocade skirt from the 1740’s. The conservation was carried out in combination of the renewal of the Museum’s basic exhibition which was opened in autumn 2006. The project also included remodelling of dummies in order to fit the costumes.

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