Electrical Engineering

Our modern electronic world requires efficient and reliable energy production and distribution, which form a part of electrical engineers' responsible tasks. The importance of electrical engineering is constantly growing, as new energy production and consumption methods and solutions that are less taxing on the environment are being developed for different areas of life. 

The degree programme offers:

  • daytime studies for young adults (Bachelor in Engineering, 240 credit points)
  • evening studies for adults (Bachelor in Engineering, 240 credit points)

Electrical engineers are mainly employed by the electrical, telecommunications and electronics industries, and are engaged in design, development, research, production, commercial and management duties.

Specialisation options

  • Electrical Power Engineering
  • Electronics and Medical Engineering

Professional qualifications are supplemented with project management, language and communication and IT studies.

Studies in the Degree Programme in Electrical Engineering consist of theoretical studies combined closely with practical work, such as laboratory and project work and work placement periods.


Albertinkatu 40-42, 00180 Helsinki

Contact information

Head of the Degree Programme
Mr. Heikki Valmu
tel. + 358 9 7424 6153


E-mail addresses: firstname.lastname@metropolia.fi