Materials Technology and Surface Engineering

Materials Technology and Surface Engineering is a necessity in all industrial activities and building services covering areas from traditional to high-technology engineering. The aim of materials technology and surface engineering is to improve the performance of structures and devices, to enable new technological innovations and to provide finished products with durability and an aesthetic appearance. This can be utilised in improved efficiency in most activities of the society and in more pleasant living conditions and environments.

The graduates from this degree programme are competent in various kinds of jobs in the building, metal, polymer, wood product, electronics as well as chemical and process industries. These include expert duties in product design and development, production and labour management, quality assurance and customer service as well as marketing and selling. Qualified engineers find also employment as educators in vocational schools.

Specialisation options:

  • Industrial Surface Engineering
  • Surface Treatment of Building
  • Materials and Corrosion Technology

Tuition is in finnish, however project works and Final Year Project can be offered in English.

Contact Information:

Head of Degree Programme
Kai Laitinen
+358 9 7424 6201

E-male addresses: