3D Animation and Visualisation

A three-dimensional digital model is a virtual illusion, enabling the creation of a much more powerful image than traditionally possible. 3D tools can create something which would be either very expensive or impossible by other means.

At the moment, the main applications of 3D are:

  • Illustration: 3D models in construction and product design visualise the plans before implementation.
  • Communications and advertising: 3D models are used to catch people’s attention and get information through to them.
  • Moving image: Film effects and character animation are nowadays done almost exclusively with 3D technology, including the sets and three-dimensional sound world.
  • Scientific research: Archaeology and medicine are examples of branches that use 3D modelling.
  • Training simulators: imitating real-life situations without risk and high expenses.
  • Games: Computer games can create fantasies which could previously only be told in stories.
  • User interfaces: Use of computer programmes and various machines becomes easier when the user interfaces become three-dimensional.

Work done by 3D visualisation students can be viewed at 3d.edu.metropolia.fi and arkisto.metropolia.fi/pompeji.

The Bachelor’s Degree in 3D Animation and Visualisation can be obtained either through full-time study in the daytime or as continuing education evening studies.

3D Animation and Visualisation teaching takes place in Tikkurila, Vantaa (Lummetie 2).

Contact information

Principal Lecturer Pasi Kaarto
E-mail addresses: firstname.lastname@metropolia.fi