Graphic Design

Graphic Design students learn about the design of both printed and electronic media. The training consists of theory in visual expression and thinking, information about production processes in the graphic industry, the software used in making them, practical work in arts subjects and applied professional subjects, and basic information about commercial operations.

Bachelors of Graphic Design typically work with publishing graphics and graphic modelling and are in charge of graphic design, illustration and make-up for newspapers and magazines, book publishers and design and advertising agencies. Graphic designers working in the field of information graphics design traffic signs, other signs, exhibitions, visual systems and user interfaces. In the cultural sector, graphic designers are employed by various cultural institutions such as museums, public bodies and government administration.

Marketing graphic designers, on the other hand, participate in the design of corporate graphics and advertising, involving logos, brochures, posters, labels and packages, and the design and organising of campaigns and TV advertisements. More and more graphic designers work with new media, participating in the design and implementation of electronic communication and interactive media.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design can be obtained either through full-time study in the daytime or as continuing education evening studies.

The teaching takes place in Tikkurila, Vantaa (Lummetie 2).

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Senior Lecturer Arja Vuorio
tel. +358 (0)20 783 5473

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