Degree Programme in Performing Arts

Drama Instructor, Bachelor's degree 
Theatre and Performance Technology, Bachelor of Culture and Arts 

The Degree Programme in Performing Arts trains Drama Instructors in Drama Studies (Bachelor's degree) and Bachelors of Culture and Arts in Theatre and Performance Technology Studies. Both lines have separate application procedures.

Having a wide scope of expertise, drama instructors are capable of using theatre and drama as tools for debate, appraisal and development. The student is trained in various aspects of directing and the use of drama as a tool in different contexts, and taught about the fundamentals and traditions of theatrical work and about innovative processing methods.

Being skilled in drama and performance technology, the Bachelors of Culture and Arts will design and build performance technology solutions both in drama and other types of performance. The training meets the ever-increasing demands of technological development by offering tools for the creative and innovative use of performance technology solutions.

In the autumn of 2011, Metropolia's Performing Arts Degree Programme begins Bachelor-level training for Drama Instructors and a Theatre and Performance Technology programme. New students are accepted through the joint application system for undergraduates and for continuing education in the spring of 2011.


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