Drama Instructor

Drama Studies

A Bachelor's Degree in Drama studies takes four years to complete and consists of 240 credit points. The graduates receive the title Drama Instructor.

The teaching takes place in Hämeentie 161, 00560 Helsinki.

Drama instructors are versatile drama experts who focus on work done in theatres such as script-writing, directing and acting. The training enables the student to learn about different aspects of directing in different fields of operation and encompasses the fundamentals, traditions and new practices in theatrical work. In addition to traditional theatre work, the training provides the student with tools that are particularly useful in applied theatre, which can be used to work with different types of groups in the theatre field, the  cultural sector and other branches such as in teaching and education, wellbeing, social welfare and health care, and community activities.

Drama instructors work in guidance, training and design duties in theatre and drama pedagogy, basic arts education, development and activation projects of communities and other organisations and in the amateur field.

Lines of study

After completing their core studies, students focus on their chosen specialisation line during the third and fourth year. This way. the students will deepen their professional expertise in community, pedagogy or research.

These lines consist of projects that can be chosen either from the existing workshops or from fieldwork or labour market projects.

The focus in elective studies lies in variations of the director's work, but complementary studies are also offered in dramaturgy and performing. The understanding of applied drama is expanded especially in the chosen lines of study. Wherever applicable, students may choose a variety of elements in joint projects in music, media, social welfare and health care and performing arts.

Community studies

The students focus on the development of group interaction skills, interaction within the community and improving the involvement of community members. The tools include for example forum theatre, playback theatre, drama workshops, current-affairs theatre and improvisation.

Pedagogic studies

Students can focus either on art expression or to learn to use theatre as a means for treating different kinds of groups, themes or information.

Research studies

The student will learn about the potential of theatre and drama as a means of research and dialogue, as a tool for structuring society, as a bridge-builder between fact and fiction and as a creator of aesthetic innovation.

Contact information

Päivi Ketonen, Head of Degree Programme
Tel. +35840 334 0615

Mimosa Lindahl, Programme Coordinator
Tel. +35850 401 3456

E-mail addresses: firstname.lastname@metropolia.fi

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