International Business and Logistics/Preliminary Assignment 2017

Those applying to Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business and Logistics are required to finish the preliminary assignment in order to be invited to the entrance examination. All applicants are required to submit their CV (resume) and motivation letter by 25 January 2017 at 3 pm (GMT+2). Late assignments will not be taken into consideration. The applicants who are eligible to apply for Bachelor’s degree programmes in UAS and pass this preliminary assignment will be invited to the entrance examination. The preliminary assignment evaluates an applicant's suitability and motivation to study in Metropolia Business School and it is evaluated pass/fail.

An applicant needs to submit two (2) documents; CV and motivation letter.

CV should be max 2 pages long and it can include:

  • Personal Details
  • Previous education
  • Work experience if you have any
  • Anything else that you may want to add about interests etc.

Motivation letter should be one page long and it should answer following questions at least:

  • Where did you learn about Metropolia Business School and why do you want to study Bachelor of Business Administration?
  • Why European Business Administration / International Business and Logistics?
  • How can you contribute positively in Metropolia Business School community?
  • Describe yourself as learner and student. What style of studying works best for you (working in teams, as individuals, reading, groupwork, just to name a few)
  • What do you see yourself doing after graduating from Metropolia Business School?

The motivation letter and CV should be saved as one file (Microsoft Word DOC or Adobe PDF) and an applicant's last name should appear in the file name. Please, make sure that the file will open and is in right format, and the document is selected before you press the submit button.

The preliminary assignment must be delivered by 25 January 2017 at 3 pm (GMT+2) online at