Information Technology, Master’s Degree Programme / Pre-assignment Spring 2017

Pre-assignment (100 points)

The pre-assignment consists of two parts and each part is worth 50 points max.

A)   The students selected to the degree programme need to have both academic knowledge and work experience in the applied field. Please add your CV to the assignment, including both your educational and professional background. The information given to the electrical online application will only be used to verify that the applicant meets the general eligibility requirements.

Studying in the Master’s programme requires that the student is capable of participating in the classes and doing independent homework.  Therefore, high motivation and support from the employer are essential for the applicant. Write an essay on yourself including:

  • why you want to study in the Master’s degree programme
  • which of the study options: “Networking and Services” or “Health Technology” are you interested in
  • your motivation and capability to take part in the programme

The length of the essay should be roughly one A4. Please place it at the beginning of your CV with the headline “Preliminary Assignment A”.


B)   The Master’s thesis is an important part of the study programme. The topic should be relevant to your employer (or other similar target group). Write an essay on a problem you consider a good potential topic for your Master’s thesis. In the essay you should:

  • identify the problem
  • put the problem into the general framework of understanding
  • formulate your research question, i.e. what is the question(s) you aim to answer
  • explain how you would study the subject 

The length of the essay should be roughly two A4s. Please remember to add your name and the headline “Preliminary Assignment B” at the beginning of the essay.

 Note that if you are selected to the program, you may change your Master’s thesis topic, the topic introduced here is by no means binding.

Please bring the pre-assignment in an envelope to the entrance exam with your name written on it. Write also the study option that you are interested in (Networking and Services or Health Technology) on the envelope.