Degree Program in Industrial Management, Master's Degree

Master’s program in Industrial Management focuses on the fastest growing industry on all continents: service business. The program is tailored for engineers who need to combine their technical knowledge with management competences and the understanding of global service business. In the project learning method, studies are integrated into real-life business projects and students can study while working.

Master’s graduates in Industrial Management are internationally competent management professionals in their field as well as in service business.

Why send a staff member to IM Master's program?

Does one of your engineers look for career developments, such as ...

  • a broader business perspective
  • better business performance orientation
  • better management and English communication skills
  • more international orientation
  • more effective team leadership
  • increased customer orientation
  • ability to co-create with customer

we recommend you to mention this IM Master's program to your staff member. Both your company and your staff member will benefit.

Please consider supporting your colleague in improving competences in service management. Your investment in service management studies can quickly come back in improved solutions, stronger competences and a business view!

The time consumed is minimized and shared between the company and the individual.

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Strategic Management with Thomas Rohweder

Each year we have an opportunity to offer companies the workforce of some by our mature IM Master's students. Here are some examples of topics and Master's thesis projects in previous years:

  • strategy assessment and implementation plan of an organization or unit
  • process improvement resulting is lower costs, higher revenue or improved performance measurement
  • improvement of IT systems guided by ITIL or similar systems, e.g. configuration management, CMDB, service catalogue etc.
  • business model design and implementation
  • evaluation and development of segmentation and sales practices
  • improving customer experience management and service orientation
  • improving service climate, employee engagement, management practices
  • service solutions and organization structures that promote service orientation.

If you suggest a topic, the guidance for your project will come from our Master's program as well as your supervision. For further information, please contact Dr Satu Teerikangas, Head of IM Master's program, satu.teerikangas(at) or Dr Juha Haimala, Head of Industrial Management Department, juha.haimala(at)

NEWS from the Program

Industrial Management Master's celebrates its 10th anniversary

Metropolia Master’s degree in Industrial Management celebrates its 10th anniversary of educating working professionals of global companies. A STUDIA GENERALIA event and alumni get-together was organized in November with 80 people. The event gathered a lot of insights, splendid ideas and laughter around the theme of Change and Sustainability.

Metropolia IM Master’s program has had the privilege to develop member companies’ competitiveness through industry-relevant Master’s Thesis projects on business modelling to process development and performance improvement. By now 179 Master’s of Engineering have earned their Master’s degree by 2015 in our collaborative, integrated program. Over the past three years 92% of our students said the program has met their expectations well or very well. Our throughput rate during the same period was 80%, thus four out of five have graduated as a sideline of work. This shows our guidance processes helpful to working professionals.

This year our Metropolia Master’s program in Industrial Management program has developed a sister program in Logistics with 20 participants. The program is in full speed and first professional will graduate in May 2016. This is a time to celebrate!

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