Training and services

Training is designed for the management and personnel of health care organizations. We design each training for the specific needs of various health care organizations. 


Evidence-based Management (1 ECTS)
The training includes the main principles of evidence-based practices, especially the formulation of clinical questions and a critical evaluation of data, EBP management and operating culture, benefits of EBP and obstacles to its implementation, benefits to the unit, management of experts utilising EBP.

The Basics of Evidence-based Practice (5 ECTS)
The training focuses on EBP process in which the employee learns to formulate clinical questions, learns methods for searching information and evaluating data critically, and utilisation of EBP, and methods of communication.

Tailored training (1-5 ECTS)
Training can be designed for the specific needs of various health care organizations and occupational groups.

In addition we offer e-learning environments and e-learning for evidence-based practice in various health care fields, for example Evidence-Based Digital Imaging Quality Assurance (taught in English) (15 credit points, both Bachelor and Master level).

Expert services

For management we offer:

  • expert services to support decision-making and to make recommendations.
  • support for the promotion of EBP, to facilitate the change process and to implement the EBP in health care organizations.
  • support for the evaluation of evidence-based practice

For personnel we offer:

  • support for the EBP process: recognition of problems, EBP implementation (such as search for information and evaluation) and the creation of an EBP culture
  • literature search and evaluation support services: EBP in the workplace and in learning environments.