Research, Development and Innovation

Do you want to move smarter or solve the challenges of healthcare and well-being in the future ?

When we recognize socially significant phenomenon, need or challenge, seek a solution together. An important part of this movement is the future projects of the smarter mobility.

Smarter Mobility


Metropolia aims to be a pioneer in the utilization of open robotic platforms in welfare and health care services.

       Service Robotics

RDI in Metropolia

Research, development and innovation are part of the basic mission of our university of applied sciences. We focus on development and innovation activities, as well as supporting research, for the benefit of the Helsinki metropolitan area.

Our strengths are high-quality expertise in different fields, the implementation of ideas into practice and the fine-tuning of solutions so that they meet customer needs. These strengths are served by the multidisciplinary nature of our operations, the abundance of competent people at the UAS and our open international cooperation network.

We create, enrich and develop new solutions in cooperation with businesses, the public sector, organisations and local residents.

Innovation Projects in Metropolia

For Metropolia students, our research, development and innovation activities offer an exciting opportunity to apply and further their own competence, and to develop skills necessary in working life and for becoming an entrepreneur. Every one of our degree students participates in an innovation project consisting of at least 10 credit points. MINNO®