Open Cinema Agora -project

Open Cinema Agora project strives to find and develop new solutions to increase the communal and social capacity of unemployed people of immigrant and local origins living in eastern Helsinki region. By strengthening social ability, individuals have the opportunity to build networks and get closer to working life and employment.

Co-deveopment and Pilot Project

The project focuses particularly on groups of vulnerable unemployed asylum seekers and underprivileged unemployed people whose social inclusion has been threatened. By bringing together local people and people with immigrant backgrounds, the project supports social equality, helps in the two-way integration process and enables the bridge to be built towards working life.

Open Cinema Agora project will co-develop a new facilitation method for immigrant groups. The new facilitation method and Open Cinema community film club concept are being piloted to promote the integration of immigrants, social integrity and job-oriented goals. 

Open Cinema community film club concept is developed by Open Cinema Foundation, established in the UK. It is a social enterprise that fosters community based film clubs for people in vulnerable positions in society. Open Cinema community film club concept, a community movie club, has been proven to work in England and to empower people in the positions of vulnerability and social exclusion.

Open Cinema Agora creates a pilot-based approach applying Open Cinema community film club concept and the new facilitation method for immigrant integration in order to create a model of operation for the two-way integration of immigrants and development of social integrity in local communities.


Metropolia University of Applied Sciences brings the project management, students of cultural studies and work premises to the project resources, Asylum Seekers Association acts as an expert and as a contact network for asylum seekers, Open Cinema Finland brings the Open Cinema Foundation's concept to the project and Artova Neighborhood Association brings the locals and the premises for film clubs to the project.

 The consortium represents the strong project management, the new operating model and the target groups.


Project Manager Johanna Wartio
P. 040 159 7785 
E-mail: firstname.lastname metropolia fi