Join the Alumni Network

Alumni are important links to the working life for the University of Applied Sciences. Alumni have the first hand experience from the higher education and the services provided to the working life. By joining the alumni network you are part of a network of professionals, you have the possibility to find new contacts and stay in touch with your school friends.

If you want to join the alumni network, you can do that by filling the form

It does not oblige/bind you in any way if you join the alumni network. The information given is collected to a register, which is used mainly in communication and research purposes.

If you you choose so, you can also became a member of the Metropolia alumnit registered association. You can join the association if you have graduated from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences or the institutions preceding it. As a member you will get the Alumnus magazine directly to your home and invites to all kinds of alumni events. The sign-up fee is only 15 euros and you will pay it only once in your lifetime! When you are filling the form, click on the section "I want to join the association" and pay the sign-up fee according to the instruction.

Membership benefits include:

When you become a member in the Metropolia registered association, you have the opportunity to download a mobile card. The basic level WHITE Alumni Card is meant for all alumni who join the Alumni Network and benefits to that card are coming in the near future. The higher level card is a BLACK one, and meant ONLY for those who join the Metropolia alumnit registered association. Membership benefits negotiated by the association are available only with this black card. Also all the benefits in the Wire Pocket -pages are available with the black card. Black card naturally entitles for the benefits of the white card.

After an alumnus joins the Alumni Network or the association he/she will receive an email with the exact instructions on how to download the Alumni Card.

Metropolia alumnit registered association´s member register information and data privacy information (in Finnish).