Job and work placement offers


Metropolia's intranet

You can send job and work placement offers by e-mail to the contacts on the fields of study:

Skilled workforce from different study phases

You reach graduates better in and in social media than in intranet, since they are allowed to use the intranet only for two weeks after graduation.

Trainees from health care and nursing can be reached mainly in

Job offers in the Career and recruitment service of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences,, can be allocated by university. You can also browse students' CVs there.

The job seekers in are always students or recent graduates from Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences. The graduates are allowed to use the employment services for one year after graduation.

The service is free of charge and employers can use it independently.

In Metropolia the main recruitment channel for health care and nursing is


Social Media Applications

The free social media applications below are available for alumni graduated from Metropolia without time limit, unlike intranet and, which have limited access (2 weeks in intranet, 1 year in


You can inform about your job opportunities also on our Facebook page "Metropolia Career Services - Rekrytointipalvelut". You can post on the page yourself. To give extra visibility, we also share the job ads as a page. Then the ad goes also automatically on Career Services' Twitter account.

If you post the job ad on your own Facebook page, you can tag us with a name link, so we'll get a notification (eg. "Ping Metropolia Career Services - Metropolian rekrytointipalvelut").


It's been possible to make branded company pages in Google+ since Monday 7.11.2011, and the system is evolving all the time.

At the moment the employers can comment the posts by Career Services and make their brand visible to student followers by following our page:


You can search the LinkedIn profiles of Metropolia's students and alumni.

Following Metropolia's company profile gives you visibility among Metropolia's job seekers.

Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences on LinkedIn


Following Metropolia's Twitter account "@MetroCareer" gives you visibility among Metropolia's job seeking students.

Use hashtags like #vacancies, #jobs (#rekry, #työpaikat or #duunit in Finnish), so job seekers will find your tweets easier. If you wish us to retweet your job ad, mention our handle in your tweet.

There are two -versions of tweets followed by @MetroCareer


About job ads

It is good to mention at least following items in a job ad:

  • nature of the task
  • required skills
  • salary (salary recommendations)
  • starting date of the work
  • deadline for applications
  • delivery method (e-mail, www, phone)
  • contact information

If you wish to reach Metropolia's international students, it is good to send the job advertisement in English.