Thesis workers - Bachelor and Master

Thesis as part of the studies at universities of applied sciences, gives employers a good opportunity to get acquainted with future Metropolia experts in a flexible way.

Thesis is mainly designed to meet the needs of the employer and the content is tightly linked with the curriculum of the particular study field. Thesis can be carried out as a personal or a small scale group project.

Both Bachelor and Master degrees include thesis.


Students decide individually when they begin working with their thesis, but generally they complete it during the last year of their studies.

Thesis job offers for students can be sent all year round.


The aim of the thesis is to develop and demonstrate the student's ability to apply acquired knowledge and skills in practical expert functions related to professional studies.

Thesis is a theoretical or empirical research, development or planning project. It may also contain an artistic section.

Information by field of study

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In and social media applications you can announce your thesis offers yourself, but in Metropolia's intranet you need staff members' help: