Thesis workers from Metropolia Business School

The degree programme of Business Administration gives an excellent opportunity to take on various tasks in business life - a few examples have been listed here either by major subject or degree programme.

International Business

  • Customer relationships management of XXX Ltd.
  • Challenges in Managing ERP Implementation Project in International Company
  • Internal marketing communications and its developing in international company Case XXX Ltd
  • Airline's market entrance to Finland Case: XXX
  • Orientation plan for XXX Ltd
  • The recruitment challenges in Russian for a starting business, How is the XXX Ltd succeeding in recruitment?

Marketing and Logistics

  • Image Stude Case: XXX Ltd
  • Measuring the effectiveness of campaign advertising from customer questionnaire: Commercial centre XXX as an example
  • A company's quality development after adopting a new operation management system
  • Marketing plan for XXXLtd
  • A customer satisfaction research for XXX Ltd
  • Designing and executing web pages for XXX Ltd

Accounting and Finance

  • Preconditions of a successful Corporate Acquisitions - Preparations, Finance and Taxation
  • Stock options as a part of the management bonus system
  • The data-processing systems of financial administration in small companies
  • Corporate governance, audit and risk management
  • The development plan of well-being at work for XXX Ltd
  • The selling and the reorganization of the business of a small company. Case: XXX Ltd

International Business and Logistics (IBL)

  • International Business and Logistics is a new degree programme which will begin for the first time in autumn 2008. First students are doing their thesis' around the year 2011 onwards.

European Business Administration

  • How to promote the sales and consumption of fair coffee trade in Finland
  • Controlling Asia: Conflicting powers
  • Investigative study into successful project management from the point of view of non-profit organizations
  • Branding freedom and its enemies: A case study in combative branding in the international political economy

European Management

  • Industrial maintenance outsourcing in Finland
  • Improving the quality of customer service Case: Company XXX
  • Joint venture opportunities in economically modernise Vietnam
  • Importance of Public Relations in product launches

Examples of thesis made in Metropolia you can find in Metropolia Library for example in the open thesis database.