Thesis workers from Culture

Studies at degree level in the field of Culture gives an opportunity to specialize in number of careers - below there are listed some examples of types of jobs for thesis workers.

Examples of thesis projects

Classical Music


  • Conservation and documentation of the project
  • Material research
  • Developing conservation techniques
  • Historical research projects

Cultural Management


  • Designing business gifts
  • Designing a collection
  • Product research
  • Interior design
  • Planning a project in a textile industry

Fashion and Clothing

  • Production or quality control
  • Developmental project in logistics
  • Designing work uniforms
  • Planning and developing ranges

Film and Television

  • Adapting and analysing the principles of cinematic expression
  • Film production process and assessing it from different work tasks' point of view
  • Executing and developmentally assessing a TV program
  • Executing and developmentally assessing a radio program
  • Research and development of radio and TV work
  • Journalistic research


  • 3D-projects
  • 3D technology developmental projects
  • Designing presentation material
  • Sketching the outlook of a book or a magazine
  • Designing the visual look of a marketing campaign

Performing Arts

Pop/jazz music

Theses in Metropolia's library

You can find some examples of the thesis from Metropolia's library's database.

  • Theses in Metropolia's library

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