Trainees from the field of Culture


The dates when the work placement can be carried out varies, however in most of the degree programmes it is possible to carry out the placement during summer.

If you want to offer a placement for summer, it is recommended to send the job offers early in the spring.


The extent of the work placement is approximately five months which equals 30 credits. Work placement is possible to carry out in several parts and under different employers.

Examples of types of jobs!

Studies at degree level in the field of Culture provide the students opportunity to choose different career paths. Here are some examples of types of jobs trainees can find themselves in.

Classical Music


  • Documentation
  • Conservation
  • Work in the museum
  • Planning an exhibition
  • Research

Cultural Management


  • Marketing
  • Designing and production of knitted fabrics
  • Designing of print fabrics
  • Visual design
  • Interior design
  • Styling
  • Fashion design

Fashion and Clothing

  • Supervising the making up of sample garments
  • Duties of a Collection design assistant
  • Planning and developing ranges
  • Duties of a Purchasing assistant
  • Sketching designs

Film and Television

  • Assisting tasks in shooting, lighting or image post-processing in film or TV production
  • Assisting tasks in recording or sound post-processing in film or TV production
  • Assisting tasks in production in film or TV production
  • Assisting tasks in scriptwriting in film or TV production
  • Background editor in TV, radio or online news desk
  • Different documentation projects


  • 3D-visualisation
  • AD assistant duties
  • Duties of a graphical design assistant
  • Games design
  • Designing websites

Performing Arts

Pop/jazz music