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Teho Pro is a development project (2011-2013) run by the Faculty of Health Care and Nursing at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. The project aims to develop the Health Care and Nursing faculty operations and teaching from the perspective of six learning environments.

The modern learning environments are limitless and they enable various ways of learning and also independent studying irrespective of time and place. They are constantly renewing and exist physically, virtually and in networks.

Our fundamental values in the development work of learning environments are collaborative activities, anticipation, dynamicity and creativity. Our goal is to make the learning environments stand out in the field of universities of applied sciences by making them versatile, broad and network- and service-oriented and by utilizing systematic business cooperation.

We build the learning environments nationally, internationally and collectively with students, teachers, corporations, service organizations and the science community.

Our main goals in the Teho Pro project are:

  • developing the teaching and renewing the leadership, operating principle and operating culture of our organization
  • offering new tools for learning
  • developing evidence-based pedagogy
  • supporting the professional competence of teachers
  • offering our partners new solutions to the workplace and education, research and development services
  • producing an operating model of the learning environment that can be used in different educational organizations and networks
  • developing measurements for assessment the learning environments functioning. The measurements can also be used in recognition of prior learning.

The developing learning environments in the Teho Pro projects are:

HealthPro - Learning Environment of Health Promotion

HealthPro develops training and expertise for promoting the health of individuals, families and communities. HealthPro's goal is to develop the teaching methods and learning materials of health promotion, bring education closer to the field's research and support teachers' professional competence. The learning environment aims to strengthen health promotion in every area of health care and in all customer contacts.

HealthPro is involved in various projects in which the students can participate by completing their theses or carrying out their innovation projects. In addition, the learning environment provides educational and operating models for health care professionals, offer further training and organise health events. HealthPro works in close cooperation with other learning environments.

PharmaPro - Learning Environment of Drug Management

PharmaPro offers a new perspective to teaching and practising medication and its administration. Ample learning opportunities and up-to-date procedures are provided in an authentic learning environment resulting in a profound understanding of the medication process and knowledge of medication and its safe management.

In this learning environment you may practise the dosage and administration of medicines as well as preparing the medicines as prescribed. PharmaPro also offers versatile material for practice in digital form, such as independent dosage calculations and games that will help students develop their knowledge and skills in medication when practising independently. Lastly, PharmaPro offers remedial instruction and flexible possibilities for retaking exams.

PharmaPro cooperates with Metropolia's experts and with its national and international partners.




Learning Environment of Evidence-based Practice

The learning environment of evidence-based practice promotes the operational culture, operational models and practices in health care education and service organizations.

Its goal is to increase the knowledge of staff in health care services and educational organizations. The learning environment of evidence-based practice aims to develop competence in recognizing problems in clinical practice and gathering information, evaluating it and embracing evidence-based practice. Moreover, its goal is to support evidence-based practice and make it a fundamental part of health care organizations' leadership as well as cooperate with other higher education institutes, research institutions and health care organizations.

The learning environment provides external educational services, online learning environments and network, communication, seminar and expert services as well as is involved in different projects. For students the learning environment offers expert and consultation services as well as online material. Education and consultation services are available for teachers.

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Simulation Learning Environment

Simulation education is an effective way to develop and maintain competence and manage new treatments and technology. The teachers in the simulations are highly educated professionals who have vast clinical knowledge.

In the learning environment, both students and health care professionals can practise typical cases and improve their skills in acute care in simulated situations. The equipment used in these practice sessions is of the latest technology.

An authentic simulated learning environment is a motivating experience providing students with quick learning results. Because of the education, students gain better competence in their working life, their decision-making ability and group working skills. Patient safety and quality of care also increase.

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SkillsPro -Self-directed Learning Environment

SkillsPro supports students in their individual study path. Students can improve their theoretical knowledge and clinical skills by practising independently in pairs or individually depending on their needs.

The learning environment provides help before exams, simulation education and directed training when students feel the need to strengthen their skills and boost their self-confidence. The learning environment presents challenges to everyone involved in the learning process and an opportunity to practise whenever it is suitable for the student.

By creating an opportunity for independent learning, the learning environment emphasizes the student's responsibility for independent studying and professional development.



DigiPro - Digital Learning Environment

DigiPro in its entirety consists of both physical and virtual learning environment. Learning and teaching are carried out with the help of new technology and data network.

The physical facilities offer an opportunity for collaborative and innovative learning. The digital solutions enable flexible, diverse studying, irrespective of time and place. Students can modify their studies by choosing from different study paths.

DigiPro develops new and creative ways to support studying as well as evaluates, applies and carries out research to new practices and technology within health care. The digital solutions are closely related to all the other learning environments.



Teho Pro videos

Explore the learning environments of the faculty of health care and nursing through videos: simulation trainings, the grand opening of "FloSpace", examples of children's health promotion, self-directed and drug management learning environments (subtitles are in Finnish).

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