About us

The library of the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences consists of several campus libraries with collections that complement each other. 

Our goals

We provide high-quality facilities and services to enable learning and R&D operations. We equip our students with excellent information skills for the working life. Helping you succeed!

Our customers

Our primary customers include the students and staff of the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. Our library is also open to external customers, but we provide a wider variety of free services to our own students and staff.


Data on our operations is collected annually for the joint statistics of research libraries. They are published in the Research Library Statistics Database (KITT).

Acquisition of resources

We make cost-efficient acquisitions and avoid unnecessary collection overlaps. Please read further in Library User Guide, e.g. on acquisition guidelines for Metropolia staff.  

Library Rules 

You will find Library Rules in Library User Guide .