Donation to arts, research and
higher education learning

There are 16,600 talented students at Metropolia. With your support, they have all it takes to grow into a key role in international positions. In addition to what we teach them, they need to have a vision of the world and a bit of help to make it to the top and to develop their networks.

Donation to Metropolia

Metropolia has many things you can make a donation for, ranging from opera and film productions to technology laboratories and premises named after yourself or your organization. Or, you can make a difference by donations for services in health care and wellbeing, just to name some examples.

Research projects also need external resources. Funding is also required for scholarships for foreign degree students (from outside the EU and EEA).

Here are the contact persons if you need more information

Large-scale donations

Riitta Konkola, CEO and President
riitta.konkola metropolia fi 
telephone +358 (0)50 548 6069


tuire ranta-meyer

Music, arts, cultural heritage and donations for different fields of study

Tuire Ranta-Meyer, director in charge of community relations
tuire.ranta-meyer metropolia fi
telephone +358 (0)50 5262002

Research and science donations

Anna-Maria Vilkuna, RDI Director,
anna-maria.vilkuna metropolia fi 
telephone +358 (0)40 334 7929

Grants and scholarships

Metropolia Fund is a private foundation for the benefit of learning and research in Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. More detailed information on the activities of Metropolia Fund can be found in Instructions.

Donations between EUR 850 - EUR 50 000 are income tax deductible for corporations. Metropolia Fund gives out grants and scholarships for research, study and travel to Metropolia students and personnel.

Form templates

Contact information

Juha Lindfors, Secretary General
telephone +358 9 7424 5107

Alumni as donators

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, your alma mater, wants to be in contact with you after your graduation. Have you graduated either from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Evtek, Stadia or the previous institutions of higher education, you’re welcome to join Metropolia's Alumni Register.

By keeping in touch with the University of Applied Sciences alumni, you are informed quarterly by Alumni Newsletter about events, happenings, news and continuing studies. You can make a difference to current students' lives by sharing your time and experience, or making a donation to Metropolia. You can choose the very target for your kind donation. It can be addressed either for a study program, laboratory equipment, opera productions, other artistic endeavours or wellbeing and heath care projects. 

Contact Information

Milla Hakkarainen, Coordinator of Alumni Cooperation
alumni metropolia fi
telephone +358 50 342 0341