Transfer Applications


Students who have a valid right to study at another Finnish higher education institution (it is not possible to transfer from abroad) or at Metropolia can be accepted as transfer students. If a student is applying for a transfer within Metropolia, he or she will be considered a transfer student only if his or her degree title will change. If the degree title remains unchanged, the process is referred to as changing the degree programme. Transfer application takes place at Studyinfo, but the process of changing the degree programme requires a separate application, which is available at Metropolia's intranet.


A transfer may be accepted upon application if the following general selection criteria are met:

  1. the student has a valid right to study in a Finnish higher education institution, and
  2. there is a study place available in the new degree programme, and
  3. a personal study plan can be prepared so as to accommodate the completion of the studies within the maximum study period, and
  4. the applicant attends an interview and/or possible examinations arranged by the degree programme, if this is required.

Students applying for a transfer should note that their maximum study period or the period for which they are entitled to receive student financial aid will not be extended due to the transfer. The maximum study period is calculated from the date on which the student accepted the study place in the previous higher education institution.

The right to study cannot be transferred during the same academic term (autumn term from 1 August to 31 December or spring term from 1 January to 31 July) in which the student accepted the study place in question. The student may transfer to Metropolia at the beginning of the term following the approved transfer decision at the earliest.

All transfer applicants are treated equally, and uniform admission criteria pertaining to each degree programme are applied to all of them. Applicants may be given preference on the basis of a possible interview, entrance examination and/or prior success in studies.

Education offering

The transfer application process is available only in some of Metropolia's degree programmes. The application options will be published at by the beginning of the application period at the latest.


Transfer students applying to become degree students at Metropolia must submit an electronic application form through the service during the following application periods:

Application periods:

  • 1–15 May at 3.00 p.m. (for studies beginning in the autumn)
  • 1–15 November at 3.00 p.m. (for studies beginning in the spring)

The application period closes on the last application date at 3.00 p.m. (+2 hrs GMT). When applying to Metropolia, an applicant can submit only one transfer application and apply to only one degree programme per application period. 

Required documents

The required attachments must be delivered by the end of the application period electronically via the link at

  • official study certificate
  • an official up-to-date transcript of records
  • a possible study plan or official statements from the teachers regarding completed courses missing from the official study transcript

Photos of the required documents taken with a mobile phone or camera are acceptable.

Possible delays or problems in getting the required certificates in time do not take away your responsibility of delivering all the required documents so that they are received by the by the deadline. Late applications or documents will not be considered.

Student selections

The student selection decision is made by the degree programme. Once the decision has been made, the Admission Services will inform the applicant of the selection results.

Admission Services will inform applicants of the selection results via e-mail by:

  • 30 June (for studies beginning in autumn)
  • 15 December (for studies beginning in spring)

Acceptance of study place and attendance registration for the academic year must take place in accordance with valid legislation.

The study place must be accepted by:

  • 31 July at 3 pm (+2 hrs GMT) for studies starting in the autumn term
  • 31 December at 3 pm (+2 hrs GMT) for studies starting in the spring term

If the new study place is not accepted by the given deadline, the study place will be withdrawn. When a student accepts the transfer he/she will automatically be registered as resigned from his/her previous study place. 

A student may appeal a decision concerning student selections to Metropolia's Legal Protection Committee in writing within 14 days of the publication of the selection results. For more information please contact the Admission Services.

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