Sudy Path: Sustainable Building Engineering


60 cr


The 60 cr Open study path of Sustainable Building Engineering includes the following 1st year courses of the Sustainable Building Engineering English degree curriculum:

FALL 2015 (30 op)
Introduction to the built environment, 15 ECTS
Math and Science Basics 1, 5 ECTS
Finnish for Foreigners 1, 5 ECTS
Math and Science Basics 2, 5 ECTS

SPRING 2016 (30 op)
Fluid Flow and Thermal Physics, 5 ECTS
Environmental Assessment Introductory Project, 5 ECTS
Finnish for Foreigners 2, 5 ECTS
Math and Science Basics 3, 5 ECTS
Statics, 5 ECTS
Construction IT, 5 ECTS

The study path does not include practical training.

Please see the courses' contents and learning outcomes in the study path basket.

Proceeding in the studies requires that the courses are carried out in order. If the student does not carry out some courses, it may prevent proceeding in the path studies and prevent participation to some courses. In such cases, Metropolia is not obliged to offer compensatory studies or alternative completion methods. Such cases do not entitle to any refunds in terms of Open UAS payments.

Study Skills and Language Requirements

Open UAS students are not required to have any previous degree or work experience. However, they must have sufficient study and language skills. Please read more about the required skills.

Beginning and Timing of the Studies

The study path studies are carried out with the degree students group and they are full-time studies. The studies are dated mainly on weekdays between 8 am - 4 pm and most of the courses require active presence. The minimum presence is course specific. The studies are placed on terms:

  • Fall term: 3.9.2015 - 18.12.2015
  • Spring term: 11.1.2016 - 22.5.2015

The studies begin in with a common orientation with the degree students on Sep 3rd 2015 . The orienation days are Sep 3rd - Sep 4th. The orientation is obligatory. After the orientation days, the studies continue accoring to course schedules. The schedules and more information on the info will be sent to the students app. two weeks before the beginning. Spring 2016 course schedules are completed by Dec 9th 2015, after which the students are informed about them.

Principal teaching premises: Agricolankatu 1-3, Helsinki

Teaching language


Study Methods, Completion Methods and Assesment

Course specific

Open Study Path Places

 5 Open study path places


900 €

The price will be charged in two equal payments. The fall payment will be charged in the beginning of fall term and the spring term payment in the beginning of spring term. Please read carefully the Open study path cancellation terms.

More Information

avoinamk metropolia fi
tel. 040 088 5194

Questions related to the course contents of the study path:
Tiina Porthén, coordinator
Phone number

During the studies, the contact person for individual courses is always the course specific teacher.