Study Path: Health Business Management (Master's)


30 cr


The 30 cr Open Study Path of Health Business Management includes the following courses of the Health Business Management - Master of Social Services and/or Health Care curriculum / Master of Engineering / Master of Business Administration:

FALL 2017 (30 cr) 

Course Extent, cr Code
Business Development Methods and Tools  5 S000CF90-3003
Enterprise Resource Planning Systems *  5 L000CG09-3003
Health Business Economics and Business Models  5 S000CF69-3003
Marketing Processes and Solutions *  5 L000CG07-3003
Research Skills and Methods  5 S000CF89-3003
Strategy, Management and Leadership  5 L000CG01-3005

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You'll find the detailed course contents in the Study Guide.

If the student doesn't pass some courses, Metropolia is not obliged to offer compensatory studies or alternative completion methods. Such cases do not entitle to any refunds in terms of Open UAS payments.

Study Skills and Language Requirements

Open UAS Master’s students are required to have the same study skills as the students of Master's Degree Programme: Bachelor's Degree of Health Care and Social Services, Business Administration or Engineering and three years of work experience (see the How to Apply pages). They must also have sufficient study and language skills. Lectures, seminars, workshops as well as learning materials and outputs are all in English. Students themselves are responsible to have these skills and that they can use electronic study tools.

The study and language skills will be ensured by the degree with an interview on 18.8.2017 for which a separate invitation will be sent.

Beginning and Timing of the Studies

Open Study Path students study together with Master´s degree students. Contact sessions are arranged in 3-4 days (between 9 am - 4 pm) per month.

Studies are on fall term:

  • Fall term begins 31.8.2017 and ends 22.12.2017

More information will be sent to students approximately two weeks before the beginning. Fall course schedules should be ready by 28.4.2017 (see the instructions for the Lukkarikone).

Principal teaching premises: Tukholmankatu 10, Helsinki

Teaching language


Study Methods, Completion Methods and Assessment

Course specific

Open Study Path Places

3 Open Study Path Places


450 e

The price will be charged in the beginning of the fall term. Please read carefully the Open study path cancellation terms.

More information

Questions related to the course contents of the study path:
Kimmo Seppänen, Lecturer
kimmo.seppanen metropolia fi
Phone number

During the studies, the contact person for individual courses is always the course specific teacher.

General practical questions (e.g. enrolment):
avoinamk metropolia fi
040 772 3457


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