Cervical dystonia and physiotherapy

Cervical dystonia and physiotherapy

To Whom

The course is directed to physiotherapists.

The Objectives of the Course

To increase the knowledge and understanding about cervical dystonia. To learn about assessment, analysis and physiotherapy treatment. 


Lectures about cervical dystonia, the character, the consequences, the assessment, analysis, physiotherapy treatment and something about other treatments. The theoretical lectures are going to be mixed with practical parts including videocases and group discussions.

The course is taught in English.

Time and Venue

October 4th and 5th, 2017

Vanha viertotie 23, 00350 Helsinki

Course Fee

300 € + VAT 24 %.

Cancellation Terms

Cancellation is free if done at least 1 month before the course to begin. Cancellation has to be made in writing (email or letter) to the practical arrangements’ coordinator. If cancellation arrives later, the course fee will be charged in full. The participant can be traded.


Practical arrangements:
Marja Pietiläinen
Tel. 040 672 5583
marja.pietilainen (at) metropolia.fi

Information about the content of the course:
Johanna Blom
Johanna.Blom (at) skane.se


Johanna Blom is a leg physiotherapist and a Bachelor in Medical Science (2007). She is employed at the Neurological department at the University hospital in Malmö and has worked with dystonia patients for the last 10 years in cooperation with a specialist doctor taking care of patients with spasticity or dystonia. Johanna has taught plenty of lectures about cervical dystonia in Sweden. She has also held workshops in Nordic conferences. At the moment, she is writing a book in Swedish for physiotherapists about spasticity and cervical dystonia.