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International activities

International activities


Sustainable well-being, 5 ECTS

Nowadays ‘Sustainability’ or ‘Sustainable Development’ is a much topical notion. As we all already know, we are going through global ecological changes. They affect mainly the most vulnerable groups of our society. In their role as ‘change agents’ within society, social workers cannot be insensitive to the social dimension of the sustainability issue.

The IP aims at developing a European vision on the role of social work and sustainable well-being. Special attention will be paid to the applicability of the vision into practice. Students and coaches from seven different European countries (Spain, Slovenia, Finland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Germany and Belgium) work together intensively during the 10 day programme. The course consists of a mixture of intense group work, discussions, expert input and many relevant work field visits. The studies include conventional learning and e-learning in early spring 2014, and contact work in Madrid, Spain during late spring.

The course is offered to mostly second and third year students (bachelor degree) in social work and related fields. Students will be selected from each partner institution.

EU Erasmus will finance 75% of the travel costs of 7 students of Metropolia´s social work & related fields (Hyto), and only a very small amount of accommodation & subsistence costs will be left to participants. Student´s will be recruited based on their free applications, special attention will be given to motivation and possible future use of sustainability studies. Success in previous studies is also taken into account, although it is not a decisive factor. Since the colloquial language is English, participating students should have reached a sufficient mastery of this language.

For more information contact:

Lauri Narinen

Arto Salonen

ERASMUS Intensive Programme in spring 2014 in Helsinki
Combating Risk Behavior Among Youngsters - ICHCI-3, 4 ECTS

The interdisciplinary program on combating risk behavior among youngsters is a program aimed at developing skills and competences in understanding, recognizing and preventing risk behavior among youngsters. This IP applies multicultural, multidisciplinary and multi professional approaches in the implementation of the program. The IP includes understanding the multidimensional nature of the phenomena and also promoting in combating risk behaviors.

This Intensive program is meant for all the students from the different degree programs in the field of health care, social services and rehabilitation, such as nursing, midwifery, public health nursing, health promotion, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and social services.

The main activities are: pre assignment (1 ECTS) in the home country, intensive course for 10 working days in a multi professional student and teacher group (3 ECTS). The IP is realized in the city of Helsinki in spring 2014 and it includes several study visits in the city and in local enterprises and NGOs. As a working method we use many teaching methods, such as key note lectures, group work, field work, tutorial discussions, student presentations and assignments. Students are encouraged to use creative methods when doing their assignments and presentations (like Critical movie and Pecha Kucha).

The main learning objectives are: interdisciplinary interaction among students and staff members of the HEIs as a working method, development of knowledge and awareness of the complex issues of combating risk behavior among youngsters as well as further understanding of the multidimensional nature of these issues, and capacity building in the network of European HEIs.

The learning outcomes are the following: awareness and knowledge of the present issues of risk behavior among youngsters. The students will present a multi professional view and integrate theory and practice on the subject area. They have developed skills in critical thinking and observation of the theme at the national and international levels.

For more information contact:

Aija Ahokas

Eija Raatikainen

Niina Eklöf

Intensive week exchange Hildesheim, Helsinki, TS 3 ECTS

The intensive exchange cooperation between Hildesheim and Helsinki is offered for first year social services students in the Degree Programme in Social Services. The aims are to encourage international encounters, support the use of various language skills and acquaint the participants with the similarities and differences within the society of another European country and its social services. Another important aim is to promote long-term international student exchanges in the future. The exchange is linked to coursework from the first year such as: Development of the Welfare State, Lifestyle and Culture or Social Pedagogy.

The students practice team-work and independent project work through activities during the program which includes working seminars and visits to a balanced mix of social services field related and cultural/societal related programs. The exchange consists of two, one week visits annually, one in Hildesheim followed by one in Helsinki. All students from the first year student group participate in both parts of the exchange. Those who choose not to travel are involved in project or support in work in Helsinki. Learning is assessed through reflective reporting on the overall experience which supports the development of critical thinking skills and observation of national and international trends in social services provision.

Funding is provided by Erasmus through Metropolia.

For more information contact:

Leigh Anne Rauhala

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