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Metropolia UAS Annual Report 2020 Published

4.5.2021 - 14:15

In 2020 Metropolia focused heavily on renewal, aiming at greater social impact. Metropolia focused on the development and implementation of degree studies and other learning solutions, impactful innovation hubs, promotion of business, skilled and motivated personnel and clear enterprise resource planning. Metropolia set its sights on future potential by publishing our new strategy for 2021–2030.

The coronavirus pandemic had a major effect on Metropolia´s operations in 2020. Campuses were closed from March until the end of the spring term, and in the autumn Metropolia started the next academic year with a hybrid model.
Metropolia University of Applied Sciences has published its Annual Report 2020.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, Metropolia's 2020 performance was significantly better than expected. Metropolia's result for the 2020 financial year was a profit of EUR 5.1 million, an increase of EUR 3.4 million on the previous year. This improvement was made possible by a higher turnover, more streamlined operations, lower expenses for premises thanks to the new campuses, and lower operating expenses because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The annual report covers the reviews of the Chairman of the Board, Henri Kuitunen, and the President and CEO, Riitta Konkola, financial statements and graphics of the UAS’ key figures.

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