Department of Clean Technology

Department of Clean Technology is focused on University level education, variety of industrial services and RDI-activities in the field of Biotechnology and Food Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Materials and Surface Treatment Technology, Laboratory Sciences, Energy Technology and Environmental Engineering

Our core competencies are:

  • Clean technologies
  • Sustainable management of natural resources and sustainability in production
  • Bioprocessing and quality management
  • Biomedicine
  • Bioeconomy
  • Energy plants and distributed generation
  • Industrial Surface Engineering
  • Surface Treatment of Building
  • Materials and Corrosion Technology
  • Laboratory analytics

Services and RDI

Our staff consists of highly qualified experts. We are able to perform test and analysis services, consult in design, improvement and measurement projects and to provide courses and knowledge. The variety of our services range from brief analysis services to profound RDI projects.

Contact information:

Head of the department Jari Olli
+358 40 1798949

Degree Programmes

Contact information

Programme Coordinator Liisa Heikkilä
+358 40 724 7474

Programme Coordinator Jenni Merjankari
+ 358 40 516 0731

Head of Degree Programme Carola Fortelius, Bio and Food Technology
+358 40 554 2759

Head of Degree Programme Arto Yli-Pentti, Chemical Engineering, Materials and Surface Treatment Technology
+358 40 358 2208

Head of Degree Programme Antti Tohka, Environmental Engineering
+358 40 142 4943

Head of Degree Programme Tomi Hämäläinen, Energy Technology
+358 40 334 6406

Head of Degree Programme Jarmo Palm, Laboratory Sciences
+358 40 336 1381

 Staff e-mail addresses: