Department of Clinical Nursing and Emergency Care

As experts of clinical nursing and emergency care, we focus on developing the practical skills, research, and innovation involved in our field in cooperation with working life. We also take an active role in Finnish and international clinical nursing and emergency care networks in order to reform health care education and working life. Our personnel consists of recognized experts and innovators. We are happy to help our clients with various challenges involving training, research, development, and innovation.

Do you want to cooperate with us? For more information, contact

Anita Näslindh-Ylispangar, Head of Department
+358 40 749 2344

Research, development and innovation

Our fields of expertise are the following:

  • emergency care
  • nursing
  • simulation pedagogy
  • made-to-order services for working life

We play an active role in RDI projects and business operations. Our assignments are varied, but we respond to them all with highest professionalism.

For more information on our RDI endeavours, contact

  • Leena Rekola, Principal Lecturer, +358 50 567 5430
  • Reetta Saarnio, Principal Lecturer, +358 40 653 2818
  • Anu Leppänen, Senior Lecturer. +358 40 714 5128

Training and consultation services

We provide up-to-date training and consultation services that help you develop your work, organization, and work community. Examples of our training services:

  • Emergency First Aid Training
  • Simulation Facilitator Training, 10 ECTS credits
  • Advanced Pre-Hospital Emergency Care, 30 ECTS credits
  • Audiological Nursing
  • High-quality blood transfusions
  • Supplementary training in gerontological nursing
  • Supplementary training in pharmacotherapy
  • Acute nursing

For more information on our training and consultation services, contact

  • Taru Ruotsalainen, Research and Development Manager, +358 50 370 1878
  • Tarita Tuomola, Programme Coordinator, +358 40 187 1831, or
  • Kaisa Suojoki, Programme Coordinator, +358 40 672 5583.

Educating professionals with up-to-date skills

About 250 nurses graduate every year from our Department, not forgetting our Master’s Degree Programmes. Our graduates have no problem finding employment that corresponds to their competence.

Browse our Degree Programmes:

For more information on our degree programmes, contact:

Degree Programme in Nursing (Finnish)
Päivi Rimpioja, Head of Degree Programme
+358 40 652 9899

Degree Programme in Emergency Care
Nea Lehtimäki, Head of Degree Programme
+358 40 167 8228

Degree Programme in Nursing (English)
Jukka Kesänen, Head of Degree Programme
+358 40 630 3637

Personnel email addresses: firstname.lastname(at)

Carolyne Wanjohi graduated from Degree Programme in Nursing and continues her studies in Health Business Management Master's Programme