Digital Learning Environments

Our Digital Learning Environments provide an opportunity to study flexibly and in many different ways, enabling students to decide when and where they want to study. Moreover, students can choose alternative study paths and ways of completing their studies. The physical spaces are interactive and easily adaptable, and encourage students to be active.

The purpose of the Digital Learning Environments is to inspire students to study and learn. The environments utilise the latest technology and various information networks for learning and teaching. Modern digital solutions, such as smartboards, are an integral part of all learning environments, supporting various ways of learning and different learners. The spaces provide the opportunity for collaborative and innovative learning.

  • New and innovative learning solutions
  • Collaborative learning
  • Modern learning environments
  • Alternative ways of completing studies

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Do you wish to develop your staff’s competence you’re your operational unit’s practices in a more inspiring direction?

DigiPro’s courses offer the opportunity to learn interactively and collaboratively using modern digital tools.

Head of Working Life and Business Services,
Principal Lecturer Päivi Laine
Tel. +358 (0) 40 167 7999

For students and lecturers

The Biomedical Laboratory Science, Emergency Care, Midwifery, Nursing, Oral Hygiene, Public Health Nursing and Radiography and Radiotherapy degree programmes of Metropolia’s Faculty of Health Care and Nursing offer a diverse range of online studies, some of which are partly in real time.

Modern technology

All campuses of the Faculty of Health Care and Nursing are equipped with smartboards that promote interaction, innovativeness and collaboration. In addition, the Tukholmankatu campus contains the FloSpace active and collaborative learning environment, which features modern technology such as smartboards, wireless computers and tablets. FloSpace inspires students to learn, participate and work with others. The furniture is also flexible, aesthetically pleasing and modern.

Further education

DigiPro offers SmartBoard training based on the needs of the client.

Basic training: Pedagogy, use of the Smart Notebook software and SmartBoard and their tools and activating exercises.

Further education: Strengthening pedagogy, tailored educational creative solutions and the creation of material for SmartBoard.

Workshop: Brainstorming and joint planning of new educational software and practices applied to own teaching.

Lecturers’ comments

How does the digital learning environment influence teaching?

- It activates the study process.

- FloSpace’s atmosphere is innovative and supports studying.

- Students like it because they get to study together in a group and everybody sees what is going on.

- It immediately creates a group atmosphere and new interest in studying.

- I think it makes groups more active.