PharmaPro – Learning Environment of Drug Management

PharmaPro offers new and versatile opportunities for learning and practicing medication. Our high-quality basic and further education, which meets the demands of working life, helps health care professionals maintain their medication competence. Rational and safe medication improves public health and reduces health care costs. In addition to treatment skills, the use of reliable evidence-based drug information in teaching plays an important role in creating good medication skills. Our operations aim to improve the quality, effectiveness and safety of medication competence.

The learning environment’s mission is to create high-quality and highly ethical medication competence. In the learning environment, students can practise the dosage and administration of medicines as well as preparing the medicines as prescribed. The learning environment offers diverse medication material that provides students with the opportunity to constantly maintain their medication skills and to study independently wherever and whenever they wish. The learning environment offers students remedial training in dosage calculation and flexible possibilities for retaking exams.

  • Improved competence in the medication process and medication safety
  • Improved quality of medication competence
  • Dose calculation competence is strengthened
  • Authentic learning environment prepares students for working life
  • Improved patient safety

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Do you need to update your medication competence?

We offer practical training that is planned and tailored in cooperation with professionals so that it meets the demands of working life. Our goal is to address immediate and future medication competence needs. The training can be carried out either at Metropolia’s physical learning environment or at your own workplace. Our further training utilises our faculty members’ special expertise and partners from both the private and the public sector.

Head of Working Life and Business Services,
Principal Lecturer Päivi Laine
Tel. +358 (0) 40 167 7999

Innovative learning environment

In addition to studying basic skills and information, students have the opportunity to enhance their competence and expertise in the field of medication. We generate new information on medication and its studies in the form of innovation studies and theses. We develop medication and dosage calculation pedagogy in cooperation with other operators and experts in the field of medication.

Evidence-based learning

In PharmaPro, students have access to appropriate and up-to-date sources. Safe and rational medication is underpinned by evidence-based information on drugs. Students actively learn to use the most important professional medication databases, such as Käypä hoito recommendations, the Terveysportti database, and the latter’s special databases, such as the SFINX drug interaction database.

For students and lecturers

Graduating health care experts must be qualified to carry out safe and appropriate medication within the bounds of their licence. At Metropolia, midwives, public health nurses, paramedics, nurses, radiographers, oral hygienists, biomedical laboratory scientists, bachelors of social services and bachelors of elderly care obtain the knowledge and skills in medication required by their respective professions. The Learning Environment of Drug Management can be utilised by all of Metropolia’s students and lecturers, regardless of degree programme.

Further education

Our learning environment offers external training and expert services in medication, dosage calculation and evidence-based sources of medication information. It also provides web-based learning environments and online material.