Learning Centre for Evidence-based Practice

The purpose of evidence-based practice is to improve the health of the population by providing treatment that is as good and effective as possible to customers and patients regardless of where they live. This requires that used methods have been found through studies to have a positive effect on their health. The best possible research evidence has been described in, for example, care and treatment recommendations to healthcare professionals clearly in easily usable format. The objective is to improve the quality of care, effectiveness and safety and to try to keep healthcare expenses under control. It is also ethically sound to use the best information available for patient treatment and any decisions concerning the patient.

The purpose of the learning environment is to support evidence-based practices that improve management and procedures in healthcare training and service organisations. Operations in healthcare relying on findings made in the Learning Centre for Evidence-based Practice are regarded from the viewpoint of development of operating practices, clinical treatment and individual employees. The objective is to increase the expertise and recognition of expertise requirements by students and healthcare professionals and managers in these various areas.

  • Better treatment
  • Better care ethics
  • Better decision-making skills
  • Better patient security

Do you want to change staff expertise and practices in your operating unit to be evidence-based?

Development of evidence-based operations requires various kinds of expertise from people in different expert positions. We offer training to management, staff and operating units. We provide and tailor training to each individual organisation and their needs. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about the training options we can offer.

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Evidence-based decision-making

The best available research information can be utilised in the decision-making concerning the health and care of an individual customer, certain customer or patient group or the population at large. When dealing with an individual customer, healthcare professionals try to find the best possible outcome together with the customer and patient and the people close to them. This process combines research evidence with information about the patient's experiences and preferences, the professional's experience and information about the operating environment's resources.

Support structures for evidence-based practice

Metropolia's Health Care and Nursing work in cooperation with Finnish Centre for Evidence Based Health Care: An Affiliated Centre of the Joanna Briggs Institute. Students, lecturers and healthcare professionals and managers have an opportunity to utilise national and international evidence-based operational support structures and operating models in the development of evidence-based practices. The COnNECT+ software we use enables, for example, searches of condensed research information and the evaluation, development and re-evaluation of healthcare practices currently in use.

Students and lecturers

At Metropolia, midwives, public health nurses, paramedics, nurses, oral hygienists, biomedical laboratory scientists and radiographers will get training to carry out evidence-based practices and its development. Learning Centre for Evidence-based Practice offers students and lecturer a variety of expert and consultation services and online material.

Further and continuing education

The Learning Centre offers external training services, online learning environments, network, communication, seminar and expert services and online material.