HealthPro – Learning Environment of Health Promotion

Health as a source of strength varies from one stage in life to another. Health is a resource that grows as individuals and communities improve their life management. Health promotion gives individuals and communities a better chance of managing their health and the factors that influence it. Health promotion is the responsibility of all health care professionals. The Health Care Act (2011) places a key emphasis on wellbeing and health promotion. HealthPro develops training and competence for promoting the health of individuals, families and communities in all the degrees of the Faculty of Health Care and Nursing.

The goal of HealthPro is to develop expertise by producing study content, material and pedagogical solutions. They describe the learning goals and content of health promotion and utilise the other learning environments of the TehoPro project. The key products of HealthPro are the Moodle online learning environment, educational games, digital and simulation method applications and the physical spaces for health promotion.

  • More resources
  • More joint activities
  • New creative solutions
  • Better health care competence