Simulation Learning Environment

Metropolia's Simulation Learning Environment is located at Tukholmankatu on the Meilahti campus. It consists of ten simulation rooms, six debriefing rooms and three control rooms for monitoring. The versatile simulation learning environment covers the chain of care. Students and healthcare professionals can benefit from simulated real-life situations in daily and emergency care.

Benefits of simulation training and learning:

A simulation learning environment that closely reflects real-life situations is motivating, helping students achieve excellent results in a short time. The students form multidisciplinary teams, learning to work at various stages of the chain of care and thereby learning the skills needed to work in real-life care situations, while also improving their teamwork skills. Simulation learning leads to better patient safety and improves the students' leadership, interaction and cooperation skills.

  • Impressive learning results in a short time
  • Better prepared for real situations
  • Better decision-making and team skills
  • Better patient safety and care

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Head of Working Life and Business Services, Principal Lecturer Päivi Laine
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Would you like to offer your staff efficient, vivid and inspiring training?

The targets for simulation training are defined separately for each customer and the training is tailored based on the participants' skill level. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about the training options we can offer.

Head of Working Life and Business Services,
Principal Lecturer Päivi Laine
Tel. +358 (0) 40 167 7999

Better prepared for working life

The skills requirements for health care and nursing are growing all the time. Simulation training is an efficient way of maintaining and upgrading your staff's skills and their ability to adopt new forms of treatment and technologies.

Latest technology

Metropolia's simulation learning environment has state-of-the-art equipment including many 3G patient simulators, a number of patient monitors made by various manufacturers, the latest patient record systems for both outpatients and inpatients, and modern AV equipment.

Health Care and Nursing students

Metropolia students in midwifery, public-health nursing, emergency care, oral hygiene, biomedical laboratory science and radiography utilise the simulation learning environment in many stages of their studies. Medicine and Helsinki Rescue School students also take part in some simulations.

Postgraduate and continuing studies

Simulation learning is provided in a variety of fields in the postgraduate, continuing and specialisation studies and in tailored training to companies and organisations.

Simulation learning increases my confidence that I can treat patients safely
- Emergency care student Ville Salokangas
The theory comes back to me during the simulations
- Emergency care student Krista Lindholm


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