Construction and Architecture Department

What kind of education cooperation are you looking for?

We are a regional and national school for construction and real estate technology education and development. We work in cooperation with companies and organizations in the field, and are a trusted partner in training, innovation projects and development projects in the construction and real estate sector.

Our competence lies in diversified training and innovation projects with many, many companies. In addition, we are partners in research and development projects. Our work is international, education is offered partially in English supported by our international partner network.

You and your organisation could be our future partner!

Contact us for more cooperation possibilities:

Department head Mr. Mika Lindholm, +358 50 341 2246

Research, innovation and development

We create research, innovation and development projects in cooperation with our partners. Please look at our innovation projects, all completed in cooperation with and under the supervision of our partners.

Ask about our cooperation opportunities:

Mr. Niilo Kemppainen, +358 50 368 6638, Mr. Kimmo Sani, +358 40 170 2186

Training and expert services

We offer continuing education and tailor-made company training, for building new methods of technology transfer and future HR capital.

See our degree programmes

For more information on our training and expert services, contact:

Planner, Ms. Aija Saarinen, +358 40 507 2831