Department of Cultural Services

The experts of Cultural Services are specialists in arts management, conservation, design, drama instruction and fashion & clothing.

Our planning process for new products and services is user-based and solution oriented. We use the methods of the creative sector technical and business know-how. As a conservation trainer we cherish the cultural heritage.

We offer bachelor´s and master´s degree programmes and educate professionals of tomorrow to the labor market:

  • Bachelor´s Degree
    • Conservation
    • Arts Management
    • Design
    • Drama Instructor
    • Fashion and Clothing
  • Master´s Degree
    • Conservation
    • Arts Management
    • Fashion and Clothing

Partner of R&D&I-projects

We focus on challenges in our times and develop different kinds of solutions to them. Our strength is a multi-disciplinary expertise. Our expertise in the creative industries is combined with business skills, technical know-how and community development.

The following themes are relevant in ongoing R&D&I-projects:

  • User-centered design of products & services and business development
  • Participatory urban design and community building in teams, in organizations and in whole areas of the city
  • Technology and digitalization in cultural industries
  • Art as part of the communities
  • The preservation of the cultural heritage

Our R&D&I-projects are supported by European Social Fund, European Regional Development Fund and TEKES (the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation).

Please, feel free to contact. Let´s consider the possibilities for cooperation.

Head of Department Katri Halonen
katri . halonen
tel. +358 50 3626 407