Health Care Diagnostic Services and
Service Management

Our multidisciplinary department educates future professionals for demanding expert positions and immediate supervisor roles in the field of health care. We have an extensive expertise in health care education, positions and future prospects especially in the fields of clinical laboratory services, clinical radiography and health care leadership.

In addition to our field specific expertise, our strength lies is skills that exceed the boundaries of degrees and positions, such as ICT technologies, languages, communication, entrepreneurship, business, projects, and the development of modern learning environments.

Our Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees hold a key role in the service chains of health care. Through client oriented service management we ensure goal-oriented and high-quality operations in our own work community, our services, and in the rapidly developing health care work environment.

Do you want to cooperate with us? For more information, contact:

Päivi Haapasalmi, Head of Department
+358 40 1975 895

Research, development and innovation

Our Department has taken the initiative and reached excellent results in national and international eLearning development projects and agile innovation. We have integrated RDI in degree studies, and the achieved results are always used in instruction.

In our Master’s Degrees, the focus of development is on diversity management. Our personnel members also share their expertise and innovation in multidisciplinary national and regional networks.

Do you want to know more about our RDI endeavours? For more information, contact:

Eija Metsälä, Principal Lecturer
+358 50 347 8177

Tools for development

Our Department provides a versatile selection of productized health care education services for the needs of continuing education as well as tools for developing digital pedagogy. We design, implement and assess training modules of varying scope according to the client’s needs, in cooperation with the client.

In cooperation with four other Universities of Applied Sciences - Lapland, Centria, Kajaani and Saimaa - and their partners, we offer satellite degree programmes in Biomedical Laboratory Science and Radiography and Radiotherapy in the form of blended learning. Our satellite students in Rovaniemi, Kemi, Kajaani, Kokkola and Lappeenranta benefit from our new digital learning environments, such as our Virtual Laboratory and Virtual X-ray.

Our research based core competencies include, for example:

  • clinical laboratory work and clinical radiography,
  • Lean health care, Human Resources Management and business development, and
  • professional communication and languages in health care.

We also offer our partners and clients our partnership in development, consultation and other expert services.

To find out more about our training and consultation services, you can contact:

Marjatta Luukkanen, Senior Lecturer
+358 40 630 1938

Tarita Tuomola, Programme Coordinator
+358 40 187 1831

Educating professionals with up-to-date skills

In our Bachelor’s Degree Programmes of Biomedical Laboratory Science and Radiography and Radiotherapy, we educate professionals for the Metropolitan area and the whole country.

Our Master’s studies provide postgraduate education for Bachelors of Health Care in three Master’s Degree Programmes: Health Business Management, Advanced Clinical Practice, and Social and Health Care Management. We also offer Master’s degree studies in Biomedical Laboratory Science and Radiography and Radiotherapy in cooperation with other Universities of Applied Sciences. The degree title of our graduates is determined by the former degree, regardless of the Degree Programme, for example, Master of Health Care (Biomedical Laboratory Science) or Master of Health Care (Nursing).

Browse our Degree Programmes:

Biomedical Laboratory Science (Bachelor’s Degree)
Radiography and Radiotherapy (Bachelor’s Degree)
Health Business management (Master’s Degree)
Advanced Clinical Practice (Master’s Degree)
Social and Health Care Management (Master’s Degree)

For more information on our degree programmes, contact:

Degree Programme in Biomedical Laboratory Science
Riitta Lumme, Head of Degree Programme
+358 40 334 1301

Degree Programme in Radiography and Radiotherapy
Päivi Blomqvist, Head of Degree Programme
+358 40 630 3361

Master’s Degree Programmes (University of Applied Sciences):

  • Health Business Management
  • Advanced Clinical Practice
  • Social and Health Care Management

Minna Elomaa-Krapu, Head of Degree Programme
+358 40 637 4399

Personnel email addresses: firstname.lastname(at)