Department of Health Promotion

As experts of health promotion, we focus on

  • developing the practical skills, research, and innovation involved in health promotion in cooperation with working life, and
  • taking an active role in national and international health promotion and education networks in order to reform health care education and working life.

Our personnel consists of recognized experts and innovators. We are happy to help our clients with various challenges involving training, research, development, and innovation.

Do you want to cooperate with us? For more information, contact

Päivi Haarala, Head of Department
+358 40 334 0923

Research, development and innovation

 Our fields of expertise are the following:

  • midwifery
  • vaccination competence
  • sexual and reproductive health
  • oral hygiene
  • public health nursing
  • health-promoting urban environment
  • occupational well-being
  • new methods of health promotion
  • network cooperation

We play an active role in RDI projects and we are well versed in different funding sources. Our goal is to reform and develop different methods and models of health promotion by means of technological applications.

Our assignments vary from one-day operations (such as designing, implementing and evaluating a health promotion event) to extensive development assignments (such as producing a nationwide virtual training program for vaccination competence).

For more information on our RDI endeavours, contact

Anne Nikula, Principal Lecturer, Public Health Nursing
Occupational well-being, vaccination competence
+358 40 6301 497

Pirjo Koski, Senior Lecturer, Midwifery
Sexual and reproductive health
+358 40 630 2040

Hannu Lampi, Principal Lecturer, Oral Hygiene
+358 40 334 0240

Arja Liinamo, Principal Lecturer responsible for RDI
Health-promoting urban environment, new methods of health promotion, network cooperation
+358 40 334 0918

Training and consultation services

We provide up-to-date training and consultation services that help you develop your work, organization, and work community. Examples of our training services:

  • Vaccination competence development, 3 ECTS credits
  • Occupational health care training for public health nurses and physiotherapists, 15 ECTS credits
  • Breastfeeding educator - how to support breastfeeding of healthy or ill infants, 7,5 ECTS credits
  • Sexual counselling, 30 ECTS credits
  • Sexuality educator, 30 ECTS credits
  • Sexual therapist, 30 ECTS credits
  • Oral health promotion and physical examinations for expectant families and children aged 0-7, 8 ECTS credits
  • Pain relief in oral health care, 3 ECTS credits
  • Restricted prescription rights of oral hygienists, 3 ECTS credits

For more information on our training and consultation services, contact 

Taru Ruotsalainen, Research and Development Manager, +358 50 370 1878
Tarita Tuomola, Programme Coordinator, +358 40 187 1831, or
Kaisa Suojoki, Programme Coordinator, +358 40 672 5583.

Personnel email addresses: firstname.lastname(at)