Department of Music

Being the biggest Music Department among all Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland, we offer our customers and partners a diverse range of solutions and know-how. Musical genres from classical to jazz and rock, musical performance and creation, music pedagogics and applied arts, and expertise in music technology and production are our passion.

The ability to encounter people and audiences from all age groups and backgrounds is a cornerstone in everything we do. We are skilled at working with all kinds of partners developing, innovating, researching and reshaping the future working life together. Our hallmarks are courage, creativity, and energy.

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Johanna Talasniemi, Head of Department
johanna.talasniemi metropolia fi
+358 50 401 3457

Research, Development, and Innovation

High artistic and pedagogic quality is the foundation of our operations. From this standpoint, we develop e.g. new kinds of music services and applied uses of art.

In our R&D&I activities, we focus on:

  • working life-related musical and educational projects
  • art devised methods
  • applied use of art
  • engaging audiences
  • the well-being impacts of music
  • models and revenue logics of music business
  • new audiences and event formats
  • musical content creation
  • applied uses of music technology

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Leena Unkari-Virtanen, RDI Specialist
leena.unkari-virtanen metropolia fi
+358 40 334 5992

Suvi Hartikainen, RDI and Services Coordinator
suvi.hartikainen metropolia fi
+358 40 194 8528

Services and Means for Development

We offer a wide range of services and training, which can be tailor-made to suit the customer’s needs:

  • artist agency
  • elementary music school for pedagogue students
  • continuing education and supplementary training for music professionals
  • courses and training for amateur musicians
  • services combining art and well-being
  • various music technology and/or music production services, from renting sessions in our music studios to turnkey recording productions

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Susanna Mesiä, Services Specialist
susanna.mesia metropolia fi
+358 50 340 5353

Suvi Hartikainen, RDI and Services Coordinator
suvi.hartikainen metropolia fi
+358 40 194 8528

Up-to-date Know-how for the Working Life

We graduate accomplished Musicians and Music Educators (Bachelor of Culture and Arts), who are specialized either in instrument or vocal teaching, early childhood music education and community music, music performance, or music writing and production. From our Master’s Degree we graduate Musicians and Music Educators, who are recognized experts of their field.

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Johanna Talasniemi, Head of Degree Programme
johanna.talasniemi metropolia fi
+358 50 401 3457

Jukka Väisänen, Head of Degree Programme
jukka.vaisanen metropolia fi
+358 40 334 0351