Participation and Human Functioning

Our department is regional and national trainer and developer in elderly care, occupational therapy and rehabilitation. We work to further overall well-being of societies, groups and individuals. We are reliable partner in rehabilitation and gerontological field. Our specialty is to improve services and operating environments and renew rehabilitation knowledge. Our work is supported by strong and knowledgeable international network.

For further information on co-operation contact:
Head of Department Leila Lintula, tel. +358 40 3405368

Educational and professional services

We offer opportunities for professionals and organizations to learn new things and build knowledge for future by offering continuing education.

For further information contact:
Programme Coordinator, Ninni Kurko-Seppänen, tel. +358 40 194 8805

Participation and Human Functioning Department’s Degree Programmes

Check our Degree Programmes:

The aim of Elderly Care is to enable good old age and produce services to support aging by using gerontological knowledge.

Occupational Therapy is about searching solutions for meaningful activities and participation in different areas of everyday life.

Master’s Degree Programme in Rehabilitation is producing renewable rehabilitation expertise for customers and society.

For further information contact:

Degree Programme in Elderly Care
Head of Degree Programme Panu Karhinen, tel. +358 40 148 3947

Degree Programme in Occupational Therapy
Head of Degree Programme Ulla Vehkaperä, tel. +358 40 714 5147

Master's Degree Programme in Rehabilitation
Head of Degree Programme Salla Sipari, tel. +358 40 123 4567

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