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SIMHE path supports employment - register for spring 2020

SIMHE path project aims at promoting employment for immigrants. In the project, your competences will be mapped and you can top-up your competences. The aim is also to find a company functioning in the field matching to your education that can offer you the opportunity to complete a work try out/internship. In 2019 we had 32 participants from the fields of business and ICT to participate in SIMHE path. 

Spring 2020 SIMHE path is aimed at those who have completed a degree in higher education in the field of ICT.

More information:
Marianne Autero, Career Coach
Tel. +358(0)40 621 6636
E-mail: simhe-info [at] 

SIMHE path is funded by European Social Fund during 2019-2020.

Participant criteria

You are eligible to participate in SIMHE path, if you have

  • completed a degree in higher education in the field of ICT/computer science (bachelor and/or master/PhD) outside Finland
  • a final degree certificate of the above mentioned degree(s) (need to be translated into Finnish, English or Swedish)
  • sufficient language skills in Finnish or in English, so that you can express yourself in an expert way
  • a residence permit in Finland

How many are selected?
SIMHE path project has 15 places for spring 2020 for those who have completed a degree in the field of ICT.

Participation for all parts of SIMHE path is free of charge. 

Selection process
Participants, who fulfill the criteria by the end of the registration period, are selected in the order of registration.

Please submit the following documents with your application:

  • Final degree certificate and the translation of the certificate (if not originally issued in English, Finnish or Swedish)
  • CV

The copy of your degree certificate and translations can also be a clear image taken with your mobile phone camera.  Please note that all parts marked with an asterix * are compulsory.  Fill in the form carefully.

Registration has ended.


Process in spring 2020

The process starts with Mapping of Competences

  • Mapping of competences helps you to understand and evaluate better what kind of competences and skills you have acquired through your education and possible field-related work experience
  • You recognize what the content of your degree is in comparison to equivalent degree at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
  • You understand better what kind of requirements there are in your field of expertise in Finland
  • You acknowledge what kind of complementary studies may support your employment

Content for Mapping of Competences

1) Orientation, 2 hours (group meeting), March 2020, week 10

  • Introduction to Mapping of Competences
  • Self-evaluation of your skills and competences
  • Comparing your degree against the equivalent degree offered at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
  • Preparation for In-Depth Professional Discussion

2) CV workshop, 2 hours (group meeting), March 2020, week 11

  • how to prepare CV, video CV, LinkedIn tips

3) In-Depth Professional Discussion, 2 hours (individual discussion), March 2020, week 12

  • You map together with the Metropolia UAS expert in your field what kind of competences and skills you possess
  • The expert evaluates what kind of additional education may benefit your employment opportunities in Finland

4) Feedback and Job-Search Boost, 2 hours (group meeting), March 2020, weeks 13 or 14

  • We evaluate the process and its outcome together
  • You give feedback on the process
  • You receive a document for Mapping of Competences both in Finnish and in English
  • You are given tips for job searching

Additionally, you also have a chance to book a meeting for a Personal Guidance Discussion throughout the process

  • We go through your plans for the future in relation to possible complementary studies and employment
  • We establish what you need to do in order to start to achieve your plans

5) Supplementary studies and/or internship/on-the-job learning in a company

After you have completed Mapping of Competences, you will proceed on completing supplementary studies recommended for you or there is a chance of undertaking a work try out/internship in a company. 

Supplementary studies
You will continue to complete the studies recommended you by the Mapping of Competences expert at the Metropolia UAS during spring-term 2020 (until 30 September 2020). Courses are offered as on-line courses.

Internship/On-the-job learning
After the Mapping of Competences, the aim of the SIMHE path project is to find a company functioning in the field matching to your education, that can offer you an internship for spring or summer 2020 (ending by 30 September 2020). Internship cannot be guaranteed as the possibility for internship is dependent on the match in companies' needs and your skills set.

  • Note that the possible internship is unpaid unless agreed otherwise. Find out e.g. from TE office, Kela or your employer about the funding during your participation.