Material for New Degree Students: Business Informatics, MEng

Welcome to Study Business Informatics!

Dear Master’s student in Business Informatics, Welcome to study – you have made a good professional choice! Congratulations for passing the Entrance examination!

Studies start on 30th August

 You will start your Master’s studies on 30th August, Friday, 9-17 pm in Myyrmäki campus, Leiritie 1, Vantaa ,12 min. from Myyrmäki railway station. You will find the classroom info at the Entrance.

This is the Opening day for the Programme. You will find the Schedule for your autumn 2019 studies in an email from Head of BI Master’s Programme Zinaida Grabovskaia.

Summer learning tasks

Notice that, even before coming to school for the first day, we warmly encourage our students to begin their Master’s studies immediately after their acceptance. Feedback from our previous students clearly advises to start your studies right away, so that to make your academic journey smooth and rewarding. Our graduates also confirm that it is necessary to use the summer months for getting into the right mindset.

What are our objectives for your summer learning? There are three of them:

  1. We need you to be good at absorbing knowledge effectively from articles and books. This is why you are advised on how to read extensively and pick up key messages (read clever). Therefore, as your summer task, you will have a few articled and one book to read and absorb. Notice that asking questions (WHY?) is often more important than getting quick-fix answers to questions. Use your summer time to absorb the readings in own pace.
  2. Secondly, some of our students ask if there is any online course in the summer to take up as preparation for your studies. This year we can recommend such a short & easy online course (2 credits only) that can be in-built into one of your optional courses later in your studies, or for widening your professional horizons.
  3. Thirdly, we need your time to think about a good topic for your Master’s Thesis. This is why we ask you to think about possible options and discuss with your colleagues and manager(s). The details of these three tasks are provided below. Use the summer time to absorb the articles and book in own pace, take an online course if interested, and - importantly - discuss your possible Master’s thesis topic.

We are sure that accomplishing these tasks will help you to advance in your autumn Master’s studies!

You will find the instructions for the summer learning tasks in an email from Head of BI Master’s Programme Zinaida Grabovskaia.

Business Informatics Master's team

A warm welcome to study in the Master’s Programme in Business Informatics - we look forward to an intellectually inspiring year with you! 

Kind regards,
BI Master’s team:

Pia Hellman, Dr. Senior lecturer
Antti Hovi, Senior lecturer
Patrik Pehrsson, Senior lecturer
Raisa Varsta, Senior lecturer
James Collins, Dr. Senior lecturer
Thomas Rohweder, Dr. Principal lecturer


Please note that owing to summer holidays there will be delays in answering emails between 1st July and 6th August.

Zinaida Grabovskaia, PhL, Senior Lecturer
Head of BI Master’s Programme
tel. +358 40 198 4008 (sms)

Laura Mattila, Coordinator of BI Master’s Programme