Material for New Degree Students: Information Technology, full-time studies

Welcome to Metropolia and Degree Programme in Information Technology!

You will have an interesting and new phase starting in your life and we are happy to have you with us.

Your studies will require commitment, hard work and ability to work as a part of a team. You are not to worry, as we will equip you with the skills and knowledge required in the field of Information and Communications Technology. Your task is to give your devotion and willingness to learn new things to ensure the best outcome from your studies. 

Starting your studies: Orientation Days 22-23 August 2019 (Thursday and Friday)

The Orientation Days will start your studies. The Orientation Days are compulsory to all, as you will get very important information for your studies. Do note that starting your studies later than 22 August will seriously affect the progress of your studies.

If you cannot participate, please contact to Sari Rannisto: 

Orientation Days timetable

Time: Thursday 22.8.2019 at 9.00
Address: Metropolia: Karaportti 2, 02610 Espoo

Please come in time!

Remember to take your official ID (e.g. passport) with you, as we will check it.

Language of school education

The student's language of school education is the language that he/she has studied as his/her mother tongue in comprehensive or upper secondary school, and for which the student has received a passing grade in his/her basic education certificate or upper secondary school certificate. The language of school education is not necessarily the same as the student's mother tongue.

Prepare to show your language of school education certificates to us on Thursday 22.8.2019 morning.

Curricula: Degree Program in Information Technology, Bachelor of Engineering

Make yourself familiar with Information Technology Curriculum

Contact teaching for first year students

Contact teaching for first year students begins on Monday 26 August 2019 at 9 a.m.

We strongly recommended and looking for you start studies in time to secure a smooth progress in your studies. Do note that studies are formulated as 8-week courses and it can be difficult to join should you arrive late.

Byod (bring your own devices)

We expect you to bring your own laptop in the beginning of your studies as school has limited number of laptops to loan (if any).

Previous Studies

We have always had a substantial number of new students, who have either completed studies in higher education or even completed a degree before they start their studies in Degree Programme in Information Technology at Metropolia. We would like to find those students, who might be eligible for the process of Recognition of Prior Learning so that we could make individual study path for them.

The Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) refers to the transfer of credits based on prior learning – in other words, prior studies, training, professional experience or other competence –to form a part of compulsory or optional studies being completed for a degree, study module or course. The prior learning must fulfil the competence requirements of the curriculum.

If you have previous studies in field of ICT / Engineering and has completed studies such as Mathematics, Physics and Programming in field of ICT / engineering in higher education, take a careful look to the curricula of Information Technology. Read the contents and competence goals of the TXL19S1 curriculum, study modules and courses.

Do you think there is a possibility your previous studies fulfills the competence of the curriculum? If you answered yes, do you want to transfer of credits based of prior learning and apply credits for the 1st year? Or do you want to start your studies in the beginning with first year students?

Please inform us, if you

  • have completed a substantial amount of credits (55 ECTS or more) in higher education before in the field of ICT(especially in university of applied sciences in Finland)
  • have completed Engineering Mathematics, Physics and Programming
  • have completed a degree in engineering (Bachelor or Master level)
  • want to apply transfer of credits for 1st year studies

Transfer of Credits

If you want to apply transfer of credits for 1st year studies, you need to fill in an e-form.

Keep reading!


E-form for preliminary information for previous studies in higher education

Note: E-form opens at 1st of July. If the link does not open then, copy it to browser.

Add required information 

Personal information and information of your previous studies.

Make your Major option choices

Make your major option selection by choosing from 2 major options in order of your preference:
(1st choice, 2nd choice).

NOTE: Please notice we have limited number of study places in each major option so we cannot guarantee you will be placed to your choice or to second year.

Submit e-form questionnaire by 31.7.2019

Fill in an e-form by 31 July 2019 at the latest. The e-form is timed: 1.7.-31.7.2019.

Submit Certificates
7.8.2019 at the latest

After filling and submitting the e-form, please take a photo(s) of your degree certificate / transcript of records with your mobile phone and send pictures as attachments to Sari Rannisto by email: by 7.8.2019 at the latest.

If you have completed your studies at Metropolia/Stadia/ Evtek, you don`t have to submit certificates as we`ll find your records at our system though you need to fill in an e-form as well.

Book your individual study plan discussion time: Week 33


Book your individual study plan time by sending an email to Mr Kari Salo. Send your email during week 33: earliest on Monday 12.8.2019 - Thursday 15.8.2019 at the latest. . Subject of your email: ISP discussion TXL19S1

Individual study plan discussion: Week 34
address: Karaportti 2, 02610 Espoo

Prepare to come an individual study plan discussion, which you have agreed with Mr Kari Salo. Individual study plan discussion sessions takes place: 19.8-21.8.2019. Prepare to show your certificates / diplomas / transcripts of records of your previous studies while having discussion.


Student health care at Espoo

We aim to support well-being and health of all students. The services are free and confidential.

Please bring your vaccination cards/information with you. The following vaccinations are recommended in Finland: MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) x 2, Tetanus-diphteria x 3 and polio x 3.

There is an electronic health survey sent to all new students in the beginning of the studies by e-mail. Based on the survey, we invite part of the students for a health checkup during the first year. You can also make an appointment yourself for a checkup or for other reasons concerning your health, after beginning of your studies.

More information about student health care in Espoo

We look forward to seeing you at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences!


If you have any questions, please contact Sari Rannisto (on holidays from 8 July to 6 August 2019)

Sari Rannisto
Programme Coordinator & Placement Coordinator
Degree Programme in Information Technology

Greetings from your tutors!

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