The fresh graduates! From left Mr Agneshian Priyanth Croos, Ms Delexshana Thangavel, Ms Jalathge Samitha Sulochana layalath and Mr Dissanayake Mudiyanselage Pavan Akalanka Bandara.

Dr Kithsiri Edirisinghe, CEO, Director at IIHS, greeting Metropolia's CEO, President Riitta Konkola.

The first Sri Lankan students with a made-to-order Bachelor Degree in Physiotherapy graduated

The first four Sri Lankan students with a made-to-order Bachelor Degree in Physiotherapy graduated today 25.5.2018 from Metropolia UAS. Ms Delexshana Thangavel, Mr Agneshian Priyanth Croos, Mr Dissanayake Mudiyanselage Pavan Akalanka Bandara and Ms Jalathge Samitha Sulochana layalath received their degree diplomas at Vanha Viertotie campus in Helsinki.

All four Physiotherapy students held an Advanced Diploma in Physiotherapy from the International Institute of Health Sciences (IIHS) in Sri Lanka. At Metropolia they completed a one-year made-to-order curriculum of 60 ECTS to achieve the Bachelor-level degree.

“I wanted to study in Europe, especially in Finland since it has one of the best education systems in the world. I chose Metropolia since it offered me a possibility to obtain a well-recognized and valuable degree in one year”, says Ms Samitha Sulochana, a fresh graduate, about her reasons for choosing Metropolia and Finland.

“Here the education system is different than the Sri Lankan theory based education system. We had the opportunity to real practical studies, which facilitate you to memorize, learn and understand all the theory. You get to experience in practice what the patient actually feels and this makes it much more effective way of studying. We were also given good facilities and databases for studies, and both teachers and other students were helpful and easy to talk to”, continues Samitha Sulochana.

“People in Finland are a bit shy but very helpful. This was also my very first experience of winter, very cold but nice. I especially enjoy that the transportation and health centers work well here and information is well available about everything. I plan to stay in Finland and improve my language skills in order to work here. I hope to gain more practical knowledge before going back to Sri Lanka. I am very happy with the degree since a European Degree opens up more work opportunities all over the world, it is a key element for my future career”, sums up Samitha Sulochana her experience and future plans.

“I am very delighted to be in the graduation ceremony. We are very grateful about all the support our students have received from all parties concerned during this year. To collaborate in this nature is a challenging task itself, working along with two systems, and to manage to complete this is a true success. This opens up opportunities in Europe for our students and they have obtained a valuable experience. I want to congratulate the first graduates who will enter the history books“, comments Dr Kithsiri Edirisinghe, CEO, Director at IIHS.

This implementation has been Metropolia’s pilot in made-to-order degrees. “I want to thank our first graduates for choosing Metropolia to top up their education. This experience has been very fruitful and interesting; all parties have learned a lot during this process. We are eager to further develop our made-to-order degree concept and continue with our next students”, says Katri Luukka, Director of Continuing Education and Enterprise Services at Metropolia.

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