Substantial Erasmus+ funding for collaboration with partner institutions outside Europe

Metropolia UAS received the largest funding in the Finnish UAS sector from the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility (ICM) programme in the 2018 application round. The Finnish National Agency for Education awarded the funding to Metropolia for student and staff mobility with partner institutions from Australia, Egypt, India, Canada, Kosovo, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and the United States of America. In addition, Metropolia is a partner in an Erasmus+ consortium project with Malawi and Zambia, coordinated by Karelia University of Applied Sciences. The funding period of the projects is from 2018 to 2020 and the awarded sum altogether 212 490 euros.

Metropolia has been very successful in three consecutive application rounds for the competitive ICM funding. Now the first ICM project (2016-2018) has ended and the results are highly encouraging.

The funding has helped increase the volumes of student and staff mobility to and from partner institutions located outside Europe. According to the feedback collected by the European Union, the students as well as the teaching and administrative staff have been highly satisfied with their experience in Metropolia’s ICM project.

”Students build strong personal and professional competences when studying in a new culture and a new study environment. They also improve their employability. On the other hand, the staff deeply appreciates the chance to benchmark and develop their pedagogical and service processes with partner institutions outside Europe. Furthermore, particularly the incoming participants to Metropolia state that the ICM experience has increased their interest in Europe”, says Metropolia’s Head of International Relations Elina Värtö.

The ICM partner institutions estimate that the project has helped deepen the institutional collaboration and they have also built a stronger appreciation of Metropolia as a partner. Moreover, the visits have helped identify new collaboration possibilities.

The role of the Erasmus+ programme in Metropolia’s international collaboration is substantial. The programme funds approximately 60% of Metropolia’s student mobility and significantly supports the staff’s visits to partner institutions. The International Credit Mobility programme, in particular, expands the impact of Erasmus+ activities to countries outside Europe. Additionally, Erasmus+ funds several ongoing Key Action 2 projects at Metropolia.

The Erasmus+ programme has provided the possibility to fund mobility with partner institutions outside Europe since 2014. The results have been excellent throughout Europe, and the European Commission has shown great interest to include International Credit Mobility also in the next Erasmus programme 2021-2027.

The European Commission’s Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027 states that the Erasmus+ programme is one of its most visible success stories. The programme has provided an international experience to over 9 million people over the years. The Commission aims at doubling the budget for the programme cycle 2021-2027.

Further information

Elina Värtö
Head of International Relations
Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
+358 40 480 6914

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