Emergency and Critical Care Nursing, Master's Program

The funding for this Erasmus Mundus programme is ending, and the last students have been selected. Metropolia will not be participating in this programme in the future.

Those interested in following up with the success of the application to renew the funding, may visit masternursing.eu/inicio. The results will be announced in August - September 2016.

Emergency and intensive care nurses must be prepared to deal with life-threatening problems and complex situations in extreme environments, reasons why they should be endowed with specific knowledge, skills and attributes to provide care to critically ill or unstable patients and their families. Emergency nurses must be able to prioritise patient care and to provide accurate assessment and effective ongoing management for a diversity of patient populations in situations ranging from life-saving interventions to managing critical situations.

Course Description

The Master’s main objective is to provide a structured and methodologically sound training programme that will cover the shortage of specially trained staff that burdens our health systems’ intensive and acute care services.

EMECC NURSING course structure balances theoretical education on evidence based nursing, comprehensive clinical practice and a solid scientific instruction through a 90 ECTS (one and a half year) Postgraduate course leading to an international joint degree and diploma supplement recognized by all four institutions.

The degree offers real opportunities of working as nurse practitioners in emergency care units and care of patients in critical condition in the different countries of the consortium. Also an academic path is possible according to each countries´ specific requirements.

Semester 1

Will equalize the level of students and offer a strong theoretical and methodological base to build candidate competence. Students will also be able to chose on a first, broad specialization on Adult & Geriatric or Paediatric Clinical Nursing.

Semester 2

Courses focus on core Clinical Practice and choice of elective study track. Core modules’ target is to ensure a sound professional quality of the candidates, while the elective modules allow students to configure the Master towards one of four optional study tracks: Crisis Resource Management in Nursing, Adult, Geriatric or Paediatric Emergency and Critical Care Nursing.

Semester 3

Consists of a Master Thesis project that includes additional specialization through a tutored practicum. The guided research culminates in a report that will be presented and evaluated by the consortium before awarding the joint degree.

Contact Information

Marianne Pitkäjärvi
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Anna-Maria Tiainen
Study Advisor
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