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Rehabilitation helps people to help themselves better. The rehabilitee is seen as an active participant and developer partner. The rehabilitee's needs and resources serve as a guideline for rehabilitation development.

The objective of joint development is to boost rehabilitation by combining the views of both the rehabilitee and the experts with the latest research findings, thereby developing new rehabilitation practices. We develop rehabilitation services that promote and improve rehabilitation, and also rehabilitation operating processes and environments in multidisciplinary networks.

Our research and development work combines theoretical and systematic prediction and assessment of rehabilitation development needs. The key thing in research and development work is to maintain and improve the participation and human agency of rehabilitees in all population groups.

Our projects improve rehabilitation from individual, communal and societal viewpoints regionally, nationally and internationally. Our objective is to create information that is needed about the functioning and effect of rehabilitation and rehabilitation measures in order to develop them further.  

In addition to the projects listed below, we engage in innovation in Metropolia's multidisciplinary innovation studies and participate in the development of rehabilitation training in the national OsKu project.

For the benefit of people, to improve their functioning ability, help them manage independently, and to increase wellbeing and employment prospects!

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